Bachelor in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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Description of the Programme:

This program focuses on the efficient management of the flow of goods and services from suppliers to customers. The program is structured to prepare students to cope with some of the recent developments and trends in both the national and global economies. Students learn about logistics planning, inventory management, transportation systems, supply chain analysis, and global logistics.

Admission Requirements:

1. KCSE Mean Grade of C+(Plus) with C(Plain) in Mathematics or C-(minus) in Mathematics and C(Plain) in Commerce, Business Studies or Economics OR

2. Mean Grade C- (Minus) with a relevant KNEC Diploma OR

3. a Diploma from any accredited Institution.

Programme Learning Objectives (PLOs):

The overall objective of the program is to produce skilled, motivated and internationally competitive graduates to work in both private and public logistics business entities.

The specific objectives of the program are:

a) to produce practical and efficient graduates who will contribute positively to economic growth and development using the relevant knowledge of logistics and supply chain management.

b) To produce students with relevant knowledge and skills in logistics business development and supply chain management.

c) To provide the students with positive attitude and motivation in logistics and supply chain management. 

Duration of the Program:

The degree shall normally take four academic years of 8 semesters. Students shall be required to undergo an Industrial Attachment of three (3) months at the end of second semester of the third year of study.

Courses Distribution:


Graduates can work as logistics managers, supply chain analysts, operations managers, or procurement specialists in manufacturing companies, logistics service providers, retail organizations, or transportation companies.

Programe Fees:

Kshs: 116,000 per Year