Bachelor in International Tourism Management with IT

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Description of the Programme:

This program prepares students for careers in the global tourism industry with a focus on management and IT applications. The program aims at producing highly, but broadly inter-disciplinary oriented professionals in aspects of international tourism management and; also, sensitized to the variety of the natural and cultural habitats of the world-the basis of tourism activities. Students study subjects such as tourism marketing, destination management, sustainable tourism, event management, and information systems for tourism.

Admission Requirements:

1. KCSE Mean Grade of C+(Plus) and a minimum of C (Plain) in English or Kiswahili; OR

2. Two Principal Passes and One(1) subsidiary in A -Level (KACE/ EAACE);OR

3. Mean Grade C-(Minus) with a relevant KNEC Diploma OR Diploma from any accredited Institution.

Programme Learning Objectives (PLOs):

The overall objective of the program is to provide students with a sound foundation in international tourism and business management principles for effective participation in the development of international tourism and to improve the standards of management in the tourism industry, and develop specialist tourism knowledge and skills that are essential for a successful career in tourism and its sustainability.

Specific objectives:

a) To develop an understanding of the broad political, economic and social frameworks within which international tourism management takes place.

b) To develop in the graduates an understanding of the complex relationships between visitors and destination management practices.

c) To create an understanding of the need for different types of management approaches for different types of tourism.

d) To appreciate the role of tourism as an agent of socio-economic and cultural development.

e) To provide students with appropriate knowledge, skills and competencies in strategic tourism planning, policy formulation, and management of tourism enterprises.

f) To provide students with appropriate knowledge, skills and competencies that will enable them to integrate various parameters (social, cultural, economic, environmental, technological and political parameters) in planning, organisation and management of the tourism industry.

g) To provide students with appropriate knowledge, skills and competencies in tourism product development, tourism service delivery and tourism marketing and promotion.

h) To enable students to develop appropriate research methods and skills in the development of quality tourism including aspects of operational quality control management, strategic approaches to quality management, analysis of performance indicators, and best practice in national and international tourism development, and scientific problem diagnosis and solving.

i) To provide students with appropriate knowledge, skills and competencies in human resource management for the strategic planning and development of sustainable tourism.

Duration of the Program:

The program shall be offered in 4 academic years. Each academic year shall comprise of 2 semesters.

Students shall be required to undergo an Industrial Attachment of three (3) months at the end of second semester of the third year of study.

Courses Distribution:


Graduates can work in tourism agencies, hotels and resorts, destination management organizations, travel companies, or start their own tourism ventures.

Programe Fees:

Kshs: 116,000 per Year