Bachelor of Science in Soil Science

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Description of the Programme:

The Bachelor of Science in Soil Science is designed to provide fundamental knowledge of soils for sustainable agricultural production, forestry, and environmental protection. The program puts emphasis on practical application of knowledge of soil as a basic resource upon which other natural resources and agriculture depend on. This program will give students the knowledge they need to supply vital advice and services to agricultural and land management issues. Much of the emphasis in our situation will be improvement of soil quality for different crops and sustainability. 

Admission Requirements:

a) Candidates must satisfy the minimum university requirements of mean grade of C+ (Plus) and a minimum of C+ (Plus) in Biology and Mathematics; C(Plain) in any two of the following- Physics, Chemistry, Agriculture and Geography. OR

b) KACE with two principal passes one of which must be Biology and one subsidiary pass. OR

c)  C-(Minus) with a Credit Diploma. OR

d) Diploma from any other accredited Institution

Programme Learning Objectives (PLOs):

The overall objective of the programme is to produce skilled, motivated and internationally competitive graduates with knowledge to provide vital advice and services in soil management issues.

The specific objectives of the programme are:

a) To impart knowledge and skills to students in sustainable use and management of soil resource.

b) To provide students with the technical know-how that will address problems related to agriculture and management of natural resources so as to alleviate food insecurity and improve livelihood.

c) To provide students with knowledge in basic and applied research in soils resource management.

d) To develop frontier actors in advancement of knowledge and innovations in soil science and improved agricultural productivity. 

Duration of the Program:

a) The degree shall normally take four academic years of 8 semesters.

b) Courses shall be offered in units. A course unit is defined as that part of a subject described by a coherent syllabus and taught normally over a period of a semester. I

Courses Distribution:


Graduates can work as soil scientists, agricultural consultants, conservationists, plant breeders, environmental consultants, or land managers.

Programe Fees:

Kshs: 126,000 per Year