Bachelor of Science in Animal Science

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Description of the Programme:

The course programme has been designed to provide students with basic knowledge and skills in the fields of animal physiology, breeding, nutrition, health, ecology and management of various species of domestic animals. Supporting courses in crop production, agricultural economics and extension will also be offered.

Admission Requirements:

a) Candidates must satisfy the minimum university requirements of mean grade of C+ (Plus) and a minimum of C+ (Plus) in Biology and Mathematics; C(Plain) in any two of the following- Physics, Chemistry, Agriculture and Geography. OR

b) KACE with two principal passes one of which must be Biology and one subsidiary pass. OR

c)  C-(Minus) with a Credit Diploma. OR

d) Diploma from any other accredited Institution.

Programme Learning Objectives (PLOs):

The overall objectives of the degree programme are to produce skilled, motivated and internationally competitive graduates to work in both private and public livestock industries.

the specific objectives of the programme are;

(a) To equip students with knowledge and skills necessary to provide human resource base for the national, regional and global animal industries.

(b) To train students to apply and communicate acquired knowledge and skills in the fields of breeding, physiology, nutrition and management to various animal production environments in order to enhance productivity.

(c) To prepare candidates for further academic development and careers in teaching, research, extension and animal enterprise development and management

Duration of the Program:

(a) The degree shall normally take four academic years of 8 semesters

(b) Courses shall be offered in units. A course unit is that part of a subject described by a coherent syllabus and taught normally over a period of one semester. Its design

Courses Distribution:


Graduates can work as animal scientists, livestock managers, animal nutritionists, zoologists, or animal health technicians.

Programe Fees:

Kshs: 126,000 per year