Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology Security and Audit

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Description of the Programme:

This Information Security and Audit programme provides opportunities for advanced skill development and doctoral research in information security topics such as information confidentiality, integrity, governance, compliance, audit assurance, and risk management.

In the first year students will undertake course works to enable them acquire the necessary theoretical grounding before embarking on independent research in the second year.

In the third year, the candidates will get an opportunity to write their thesis.

Hence the combination of the Coursework as a practical research training and independent research equip graduates with the requisite theoretical knowledge and skills required of a Doctorates in Information Security and Audit. People who choose this specialization are often pursuing senior leadership, consulting, or faculty positions in information security within military, government, education, and private sectors.

Admission Requirements:

To qualify for admission into the Doctoral programme, candidates shall be:

a) Holders of at least a Masters degree from Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology, with specialization in Computer Science or related areas.

b) Holders of relevant Masters degree of any other recognized University.

Programme Learning Objectives (PLOs):

The overall objective of the programme is to produce skilled, motivated and internationally competitive information security and audit graduates to work in academic, private and public informatics sector of the economy.

The specific objectives of the programme are:

a) To develop graduates with the ability to apply information security and audit knowledge, skills, techniques and tools to create best-possible solutions to practical problems of varying complexity, in a wide range of contexts.

b) To facilitate the acquisition, adoption and adaptation of information security best practices and audit knowledge, techniques and tools to improve organizations’ security and performance.

c) To equip students with specialized, advanced skills and capacity to enable them to pursue careers in research & development, academics, consultancy services and industry.

Duration of the Program:

a) A full-time student for the PhD in Information Security and Audit shall normally be registered for a minimum of three years and maximum of five years. A candidate may be registered as a part-

time student for the Doctoral degree for a minimum

Courses Distribution:


Course Code Course Title Course Contact Hours Weight (Units)
Lecture Practical  Total
IIT 6111 Advanced Issues in Information  28 14 42 1
IIT 6112 Secure Software Design and Programming 28 14 42 1
IIT 6113 Emerging Issues in Cyber Security 28 14 42 1
IIT 6114 Assurance Controls and Compliance Management 28 14 42 1
IIT 6115 Organizations Corporate Computer and Network Security 28 14 42 1
IIT 6116 Research Design 28 14 42 1
Total 168 84 252 6


Course Code Course Title Course Contact Hours Weight (Units)
Lecture Practical  Total
IIT 6121 Database and Distributed Systems Security 28 14 42 1
IIT 6122 Advanced Risk Management in Information Assurance and Security 28 14 42 1
IIT 6123 Information Security and Outsourcing Computer Systems 28 14 42 1
IIT 6124 Security Audit and Compliance Testing 28 14 42 1
IIT 6125 Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning for the Security Professional  28 14 42 1
IIT 6126Information Technology Research and Practice 28 14 42 1
Total 168 84 252 6


Course Code Course Title Course Contact Hours Weight (Units)
Lecture Practical  Total
IIT 6211 Independent Research 0 0 0 3


Course Code Course Title Course Contact Hours Weight (Units)
Lecture Practical  Total
IIT 6311 Project 0 0 0 3


Programe Fees:

Kshs: 450,000