Bachelor of Science in Public Health

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Description of the Programme:

Public health is concerned with the protection, preservation and promotion of the health of communities and populations. Public health professionals therefore need to be appropriately trained to respond to the various community health problems. Through training and acquisition of relevant knowledge and skills in a multidisciplinary manner, public health professionals will understand how to identify and approach issues affecting populations, be able to develop appropriate strategies for resolving them, and monitor their implementation. The Bachelors degree in Public Health at the School of Health Sciences, thus provides opportunities for such training, as well as for research and public health practice. 

Admission Requirements:

Candidates must satisfy the minimum entry requirements to University Senate of KCSE mean grade C+.

In addition they should meet the following requirements:

a) Minimum grades of C+ (Plus) in Biology/ Biological Sciences and Chemistry, C+ (Plus) in Mathematics, Physics/ Physical Sciences and C+ (Plus) in English/ Kiswahili.

b) Holders of KACE with minimum of 2 principals and 1 subsidiary at A- Level.

c) Holders of relevant KNEC Diploma OR Diploma from a recognized Institution/ University

Programme Learning Objectives (PLOs):

The general objective is to prepare students with a strong scientific foundation for continuation into advanced degrees as well as a grasp on community engagement.

The specific objectives of the programme are:

a) Promote competence in practice in addressing issues in public health, notably disease control.

b) Impart necessary skills applicable to the public health profession for local and international careers as managers and policy developers.

c) Enhance the development of skills in scientific research and writing that will enable the trainees to work together with biomedical teams

d) Equip trainees with skills essential in planning, managing and evaluating various public health programmes. 

Duration of the Program:

a) The degree shall normally take four academic years of 8 semesters.

b) Students shall be required to undertake industrial attachment after the 2nd semester of the third year of study.

Courses Distribution:


Graduates can pursue careers as public health officers, health educators, epidemiologists, or health policy analysts.

Programe Fees:

Kshs: 126,000 per Year