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# Title Type
76 Doctor of Philosophy Planning and Economics of Education Dr
77 Doctor of Philosophy Guidance and Counselling Dr
78 Doctor of Philosophy Educational Psychology Dr
79 Doctor of Philosophy Educational Administration Dr
80 Doctor of Philosophy Curriculum Studies Dr
81 Doctor of Philosophy Pedagogy Dr
82 Doctor of Philosophy Educational Technology Dr
105 Doctor of Philosophy Literature Dr
83 Doctor of Philosophy Special Needs Education Dr
133 Doctor of Philosophy Educational Foundations Dr
103 Doctor of Philosophy History Dr
101 Doctor of Philosophy Geography Dr
102 Doctor of Philosophy Religion Dr
84 Doctor of Philosophy Early Childhood Development and Education Dr
132 Doctor of Philosophy Kiswahili Dr
104 Doctor of Philosophy Linguistics Dr
106 Master of Arts Geography MA
107 Master of Arts Religion MA
134 Master of Arts Kiswahili MA
108 Master of Arts History MA
109 Master of Arts Linguistics MA
110 Master of Arts Literature MA
67 Master of Arts Guidance and Counselling MA
85 Bachelor of Education Special Needs Education with IT BEd
88 Bachelor of Education Early Childhood Development and Education BEd
68 Master of Education Educational Psychology MEd
72 Master of Education Pedagogy MEd
73 Master of Education Educational Technology MEd
74 Master of Education Special Needs Education MEd
75 Master of Education Early Childhood Development and Education MEd
70 Master of Education Educational Administration MEd
66 Master of Education Guidance and Counselling MEd
63 Master of Education Planning and Economics of Education MEd
135 Bachelor of Arts Geography & Natural Resource Management BA
112 Bachelor of Arts International Relations and Diplomacy (with IT) BA
111 Bachelor of Arts Development and Policy Studies BA
142 Diploma Media and Communication Studies Dip
141 Diploma Medical Anthropology Dip
139 Diploma Public Administration and Ethics Dip
137 Diploma Digital Journalism Dip
136 Diploma Counselling Pyschology Dip
89 Diploma Special Needs Education Dip
140 Diploma Criminology and Forensic Studies Dip
144 Certificate Public Administration and Ethics Cert
147 Certificate County Governance Cert
146 Certificate Media and Communication Studies Cert
145 Certificate Medical Anthropology Cert
143 Certificate Criminology Cert